2022 - 2023  Togetherness

Here it is - the new generation, offspring of the majestic light being on our last year's title. Turning towards each other they also strive up to the light, supporting each other in turbulent times – a symbol of renewal in the spirit of a constantly transforming nature. The world has become a different place. The social dynamics, as a result of the massive restrictions of the last two years, are unmistakable. And the young generation is looking for new ways, finding new answers to its existential questions. They are highly sensitized to the values of freedom, self-determination and cooperative coexistence.

The new program is based on last year's events and created as a continuation and deepening of our core topics. We are particularly happy to have Linda Tucker with us again, as always accompanied by the White Lions of Timbavati, who so vividly exemplify the necessity to cooperate for the preservation of life. 

Our impulse lectures with podium discussions will be under the theme "The Open Source". Together with you, we will look for perspectives for a meaningful attitude towards life. We will announce the respective dates in our newsletter.

Program 2022/23 (PDF)