Aligned in the light

Program 2021/2022

Since last year's program, which we had started with great hope, could only be partially held, we are offering most of the events again and are confident that this time we will be able to welcome all the speakers from abroad.

The co-creators of this program have updated all the contributions and so we look forward to seeing you again soon aligned in the light, courageous and spirited.


Events with Linda Tucker

Considering her engagement for animals, earth and humanity, her ‚spiritual activism‘, to be groundbreaking for the recovery of our ethical responsibility for the preservation of life, we are honoured to announce two forthcoming events with Linda Tucker.

more information about Linda Tucker


BERGELL vis à vis

Film with Werner Schmidt

A tribute to Alberto Giacometti and to the Bergell.

to the Film 

Conciousness and spirituality through the colours of the cosmic order

FONDATION LASCAUX presents lectures and seminars that focus on the common features of art and science. The importance of colour for the human mental and spiritual consciousness takes centre stage.


Cosmic colours

The twelve cosmic colours are a window through which we perceive the unity
of life. Through them, we can tune into an all-embracing consciousness to
experience our true nature.


10 years of Foundation

Jubilee Festival «A CELEBRATION 10 years FONDATION LASCAUX» 
with music, dance, poetry and all the colors of creation and love.

With colours, dance, and cheers we celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Fondation Lascaux. And the many messages of appreciation and gratitude have once again testified that conscious moments connect us to the source of life.