Colours accompany me since my childhood, you could say I was born in a paint pot. My father founded the firm Lascaux-Colours , which I run today, over 50 years ago. What at first appeared to me to be two separate directions for my life, painting and running a company, have, over time, united into one entity.

It is my greatest wish to see the re-emergence of a balance between humankind, animal, nature and cosmos. So, my cause is to explore the effective organising power in the colours to research them and make them tangible. To give this goal a shape, I founded the FONDATION LASCAUX on 12.12.2004, together with my husband.

Barbara Diethelm Schmidt

Of all the forms of human expression, art is closest to me. Since my early youth, painting has been my breath of life. Like music and poetry, they connect me to a long tradition of the human mind.

Painting is the language of colours. It speaks of light – from the light of day, the light of night – and it speaks of the light in our hearts, that first reveals the miracle of the creation to us – a miracle, that constantly urges us to trust to life in thankfulness and undivided love. Therefore, I wish the courage for a radical rethink in confidence and true humility for this fast-changing present.

Werner Schmidt

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