From a state of separation 

to a awareness of unity

From a state of separation...

In this time of deep-reaching change on all personal and societal levels, a reconsideration of ethical and cultural values is unavoidable.

The current world order hardly recognises ethical principles anymore. It is only interested in the global domination of markets and capital flows and thereby accepts the social and cultural exclusion of millions of people. Irreversible environmental destruction, massive misuse of resources, war, expulsion and flight, poverty and despair are the devastating results of this reality.

As individuals, every day, we experience the painful abyss between inner and outer world, between self-discovery and heteronomy, as increasingly insurmountable. The striving for material possessions and identification with the world of consumption are in opposition to the search for a meaningful life. As a result of this threatening lack of meaning, a deep feeling of separation permeates our thoughts, our feelings and our actions.

... to a awareness of unity

A balance between the material, mental and spiritual experiential world can lead us out of this fatal isolation. Courage, empathy and openness are also needed. Spirituality is the knowledge of the different dimensions of our existence. It follows no dogmas and transcends all religions. Creative spirituality recognises the life in everything and connects every soul with its own truth. It judges no-one and does not exclude strangers. A consciousness that recognizes all levels of reality as indivisibly connected with each other, enables the reconciliation of polarities like: science and art, economics and ethics, male and female, light and darkness.

From the certainty of being integrated into a whole, unexpected life energies grow, which contribute to respect and solidarity with our shared world, to independent and responsible action and to individual development.

The LASCAUX FONDATION aims to make a contribution on this journey. It wants to provide the tools, to develop our mental-spiritual growth by using colours, to nourish and to encourage. The deeper we experience the structural power of colours, the more clearly, consciously and constructively we will deal with ourselves and the more far-sightedly will we perceive our societal responsibility.