Can we talk about colours or describe them? Colours largely elude our conceptual thinking; they want to be seen, felt, experienced. They are at the center of our perception, and yet at the periphery of our language. We can name them, but everyone sees red, blue or green differently. Their origin is the light, as everything we know in the cosmos (ancient Greek: order, ordered state) is revealed by light. This leads us to discover a broader understanding of colours. When we speak here of the colours of the cosmic order, the cosmic colours, we need to ask the cosmos itself.

Images of rays appear in almost all traditions and throughout the ages. They are always symbols of the Divine, signifying an elemental force of cosmic origin. The cosmic colour of these original rays can be seen as an analogy for universal creation.
Barbara Diethelm transformed these original cosmic rays into colour substances (pigment colours).During the 1990s, she developed the five pure Sirius primary colours (the Sirius® Primary System), and from these, the thirteen Sirius Creation-ray-colours emerged shortly thereafter. Visible and tangible, the colours can enter into creative interaction with humans.

Barbara Diethelm focuses both on the cosmic laws of nature and a forward-looking approach to colours. In her seminars, she offers a new way to experience colours. She creates a resonant space in which participants are completely held by the radiance and the fullness of the colours. The high potency of the Sirius Creation-ray-colours renders the seminars challenging, supportive and sustaining.
An intensive painting process, structured by clear and rhythmic sequences, allows the participants to experience a deep trust in the power of their hearts. The steady flow of these high vibrational colours opens each creative soul to its source, providing gifts of authentic images in a rich diversity of forms.
With her profound knowledge and extensive experience, Barbara Diethelm guides and promotes the integration of the deep insights which arise again and again through the process.