Book "COLOURS OF THE GREAT HEART - Resonating with Sirius"

The high-quality bound work has numerous illustrations in excellent quality, some in 6-color print.

In Colours of the Great Heart – Resonating with Sirius, Barbara Diethelm traces the path of colour from its cosmic Sirian origins to its current commodification in our modern global culture – a culture based on the paradigm of separation that dominates, alienates, exploits and objectifies Nature and the feminine principle. However, she goes further and provides transformative solutions by signposting how humanity can be brought back into wholeness by reconnecting with the Great Heart – Source – through the creative use of, and right-relationship with, colour.

Raised on a diet of creative enquiry and artistic expression, Diethelm’s lifelong quest to find true colour was ignited by the frustrating gaps she encountered between colour theory and practice; a journey that took her into unexpected and challenging terrains. In words and images, the book tracks the decades of research and development resulting in her holistic colour systems, providing context for their larger meaning and purpose.
Diethelm’s three Holistic Colour Systems are collectively referred to as the colours of the Great Heart; these colours, the Sirius Primary System (based on her patented Five-Colour Theory), the Sirius Creation-ray-colours and the Resonance Colours, resonate with the moment of first light. They integrate physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realities to rebuild wholeness and reconnection with the Great Heart. The word “heal” means to make whole – it necessitates holistic solutions which include the re-membering, reintegration and reverence of the feminine principles inherent in colour.
By connecting our inner creativity to our cosmic origin through the colours of the Great Heart, we realign with our original co-creative purpose and become empowered to midwife the new Golden Age.

Meaningful to all those who recognise that we are at a crossroads of consciousness, this book integrates science and sacred science to offer a holistic approach to the transformative power of true colour. Artists, healers and teachers will find it particularly useful, as will all those who recognise the spiritual nature of life’s journey.

“As you enjoy Barbara’s captivating story of revelation, prepare for a transformative shift into the New Paradigm of the Heart. Understanding colour’s foundational role in the raising of consciousness at this pivotal moment in human evolution will forever change your relationship with it.”
Brad Laughlin, author of Living With Enlightenment—A Journey of Love

“It is testimony to Barbara’s personal revelatory journey into enlightenment that she is the conduit for this colour-coded blessing for humanity – an opportunity for us all to experience direct re-connection with Source.” 

From the foreword written by Linda Tucker, author of Mystery of the White Lions and Lionhearted Leadership: The 13 Laws 

“Aesthetic concept and spiritual tool in one - a quantum leap into the higher dimensions of colour. ”

Klaus Stromer, author of Die Natur der Farben and Color Systems in Art and Science

Text in English 
240 pages, 60 illustrations
22 x 28 cm 

Publisher: Alataverlag
ISBN: 978-3-9521130-1-1

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