Book "Path of Gold"

Gold: eternal fascination, investment, and highly symbolic means of artistic expression

Path of Gold traces the significance and use of gold as an art historical phenomenon, from early cultures to the present day. In periods of fundamental shifts in value and spiritual reorientation, gold appears consistently as a meaningful element: the ultimate precious metal always symbolized temporal as well as spiritual values. In painting, gold always indicates a change, liberation, and transmutation.

Gold as a color and means of artistic expression of utmost importance also links Swiss artists Heinrich Eichmann (1915-1970) and Barbara Diethelm, born in 1962. Eichmann created numerous plates and murals in different architectural contexts, of which the best-known are his “Gold Paintings.” In her work, Diethelm, who also works as a color researcher, pursues the creative forces of nature and developed a new gold-colored substance. Her paintings refer to concrete places where layers of human cultural development overlap and come to the fore.

In this book, published in conjunction with an exhibition at Helmhaus Zurich in spring 2022, full color reproductions of Eichmann’s and Diethelm’s works are supplemented with texts by artist Barbara Diethelm, art historian Guido Magnaguagno, curator Daniel Morgenthaler, and the South African author and conservationist Linda Tucker.

Edited by Barbara Diethelm in cooperation with Helmhaus Zürich. Contributions by Guido Magnaguagno, Daniel Morgenthaler, Linda Tucker, and Barbara Diethelm

1st edition, 2022

Text in English and German


120 pages, 66 color illustrations

22 x 28 cm

ISBN 978-3-03942-075-9

CHF 39.00