2009 Timeless Beauty

22. – 23. August, 2009
Timeless Beauty in Art and everyday Life - A Celebration! (in englischer Sprache)
Symposium with John Lane, Joan Davis and Maya Farner

With John Lane (GB) and Joan Davis (CH), hosts Barbara Diethelm and Werner Schmidt (CH), and a dance performance by Maya Farner (CH). During this weekend we want to honour and celebrate Beauty! Beauty is pervasive, unattached and subtle. Beauty moves us from within as it is the current in the river of life. Beauty moves along invisible paths – to perceive this we need to cultivate sensitivity and awareness. In order to experience beauty we need to be profoundly present. Our global crisis (environmental, financial and aesthetic) is accompanied by a crisis surrounding the nature of beauty. Materialism dulls and anaesthetizes our desire and closes our senses to the face of beauty. In turning away from beauty we turn away from all that is wholesome, harmonious and true. However when we awaken to beauty, it keeps our desire alive in freshness, passion and creativity.